Day Of Beauty

-Master Siddhartha Gupta (Student Correspondent)

The auspicious seminar on 17th September at Nehru Planetarium began with a short speech by our very own Mr. Vijay. A. Singh. He is from IIT Kanpur(1984-2004) and is presently working with Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research. The topic for the seminar was ‘Centre of Mass and Golden Ratio’. There were students from various reputed schools from all over Mumbai and also from various grades. Mr. Vijay through his speech made us feel at home with the concepts of Centre of Mass and Golden Ratio.

He explained how the concept of golden ratio is not only restricted to books but is also encountered by us at various events of life and in our surroundings. For e.g. the golden ratio concept is used in the great paintings of Leonardo da Vinci (Monalisa and Vitruvian Man). Mr. Vijay explained to us the history about how Fibonacci discovered the golden rule. He gave us the exact value of golden ratio which is “Phi,1.618”. Mr. Vijay taught us about the Virhanka Series and its innovations. He was not at all behind in explaining to us the ‘Wobble Method’ also. He encouraged children to ask their doubts, and his power point presentation made the seminar very meaningful. He spoke about the Flosbury Flop and its great importance in Olympics. At the end though visibly exhausted after close to an hour and half presentation, he welcomed doubts by the students in Physics. After the seminar we heard students call him ‘The Man of Identity’.



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