Dear Sirius,

You might be surprised to receive this letter from a muggle and you might be asking “How did a muggle find me?” I was going through this old library and I found this rather peculiar and strange book with an ancient cover with no title. The contents were handwritten and looked like a journal with information of a world hidden from my world, the wizarding world. Now, just because I am a muggle and I know information from the wizarding world, please don’t come on the above address and obliviate me. I would like to know about you as you seem to be like me.

Here’s my volley of questions to you: How did you manage to escape Azkaban and also manage to fend off dementors in Azkaban as they are just soul-sucking creatures? When I was reading this journal, I found out that dementors feed off  human happiness and if you are just a little bit too near to it, It will suck  happiness that you have, leaving only negative feelings, such as anger and sadness. If you are with it for too long you will be like them….that is soulless and evil. You are also a troublemaker like me, so what kind of pranks would you play and would they include magic spells? For example – The Anteoculatia or Avifor. You were also said to be charming and an intelligent child. Did these things stroke your ego too much to the point of arrogance? Also what is your favorite spell to use? I admire your courageous heart, your elegant but firm attitude. You are the most intelligent and thoughtful person I have ever read about. You are a murderous character for the muggles, but you were framed and betrayed by Peter Pettigrew. To me you are simply the coolest at Hogwarts. You were responsible for giving Harry his first ever broomstick. I wish you and Harry had spent more time together. You were the sage that Harry turned to for advice.

There is so much, we, the muggles, can learn from you wizards, like having enough courage to fight the Dark Lord i.e. ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ just for your friends.  Well a suggestion: you should try upgrading your means of transport and become more technologically advanced. Let me end my letter with the hopes  of you actually reading the letter and replying to me.

Your faithful idolizer,


Master Viboor Hazare 9 B

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