Aaryan Gajula XF

A day prior to the debate, Mrs.Ashwini contacted me and asked whether I could participate in the debate. I was ecstatic but clueless…. As I pondered whether to participate in the debate or not, all that came into my mind was a quote by Hillary Clinton that “Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from moving forward. “And that’s when I decided to seize this opportunity. It has always been a terrifying ordeal for me speak to others, but here I had to talk before an audience. What I used to run away from had come rightly knocking on my doors! I was astonished by this opportunity and I happily said, “YES” to the teacher. It was an overwhelming moment but at the same time a sense of apprehension gripped me. To propose and justify the topic, “TECHNOLOGY MAKES HUMANS SMARTER”, was a difficult task but at the same time COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH and TEACHERS SUPPORT BY SHARING THEIR ASTOUNDING IDEAS made this impossible task POSSIBLE. At that moment I was reminded of ALBERT EINSTEIN’S quote, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Working in unison with my teammates had put fire into me and I was sure of a tangible outcome.
And now the day had finally arrived when I had to perform…
Initially, I wasn’t able to deliver the speech with clarity. But this did not deter my confidence. I focused on the refutation round i.e. testing the knowledge of the proposed topic. I surprisingly wasn’t nervous in the second round and as I started contradicting the oppositions view, there was a pin drop silence. This punch line gave us a boost!
I am grateful for the opportunity, this competition gave me a taste of team spirit, communication skills , how to argue with tough proofs, how to be confident in front of a crowd, essential critical thinking skills ,understanding the opinion of others as well as the use of presence of mind in order to oppose someone.

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