7 March, 2017

  Karthik Raamakrishna   IX  C

Boscoites got a taste of the democratic electoral process as they went to the polls to elect  the Student Council for the next  academic year on  March 3.    There were ten candidates  each in the fray from Stds. VIII AND  IX  vying for  varied   posts in the student council. The election process was similar to the   National elections, with filing of nominations by the aspiring candidates, fierce campaigning, seeking votes from the young electorate, as well as the staff and electronic means of casting the ballots.

The candidates campaigned via posters and social media. The posters displayed their symbols,   acrostics and made tall  promises to woo the voters. There   were speeches delivered by the candidates on the day of elections. As the candidates addressed the students, a presentation giving their details and symbols were displayed in the classes. One of the candidates for the post of the captain, Mihir Karia, whose symbol was the rising sun, in his speech vowed to lead from the front and said,” Leadership is about one life influencing the other.”

The  candidates had  a tough time convincing the voters. The students were also in a fix, having to select seven out of ten   competent candidates. There were three polling booths set up in the computer labs and  library.

The   election  buzz had  gained momentum from mid-February,  when the nominees submitted their forms. There were wide-swings in the predictions of the results. This  was a hot topic for discussions during breaks. .

The election results were announced and Siddharth Gupta and Arya Singarwadi were elected the captain and the vice-captain respectively.

An elated Siddharth Gupta said,” I contested for the post of captain because it would imbibe leadership qualities in me. The greatest challenge before me as the captain is to impact the undisciplined boys. “A more subdued Arya Singarwadi said,” I signed up for the post, as I want  to do something significant for the school. Bullying in the campus is an area of concern for me.”

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