Pranav Jha – STD. IX

Don Bosco Night Study Class (DBNSC)caters to the need of the underprivileged youth .The boys belong to the socio-economic backward class and many of them live in the slums around the vicinity .The night class is operated under the direct supervision of the Principal and the  able assistance of the in-charge, Mr. Yesudas Susai.

The boys are provided with a conducive study atmosphere, assisted with their homework and coached in English and Mathematics. The Management provides the boys with recreation facilities and other extra  -curricular activities. Six days a week, these boys play for an hour and are provided with a nourishing evening meal.15 days before the board examination, the students  of STD X stay in the school premises and  prepare for their exams.

DBNSC dates back to June 1980 when Bro. Anthony Rocha began the facility for thirty boys.  Presently there are close to 200 boys from Stds.VII to X attending the night study classes, besides the students from Junior and Senior College, who study and assist in teaching the junior students. The recent Annual day of the night school, saw the students put up a skit galvanized by students of Xaviers , who were present   to carry out their social service project. The skit trained the spotlight on the underbelly of the city, and plight of children, the most vulnerable in society. The title ‘Help Me’ echoed the stifled but impassioned plea of the hapless children. The role of a journalist was also highlighted, that of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.


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