Don Bosco Week
It is an awaited celebration where the Management, teachers, students and parents all come together and make it a wonderful experience. Our classroom was decorated with beautiful and informative charts, sayings and banners of St. John Bosco. Our class teacher made the discussions very interesting and explained to us all about Don Bosco and this celebration. We viewed many videos, solved work-sheets consisting of puzzles and colouring activities which was so much fun. We learnt hymns and sang in unison during the Value Education period. Every evening I sang these hymns at home, my granny and parents loved to hear the same as it had a lot of meaning and melody.
On 31st January feast day there was mass celebrated in the crypt which was attended by our teachers. We had our Annual Day practice. At the end of the day teacher gave each one of us a bar of chocolate given by the management. I pray to St. John Bosco to make me a better person and bless the entire Don Bosco family for all the blessings received.
Master Rushaan Marolikar – 2 D

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