Master Jasraj Bindra – 6A

Water is a Natural Resource. We should save water because not all people have access to water.  Holi is just around the corner where people use tons of water for fun which they could provide to those in need. Holi is a festival of colours and joy, not a festival of wasting water. There are lots of people in remote areas who search for water and lot of crops get destroyed because of scarcity of water. So it is our moral and social responsibility to save this natural resource. When we throw water balloons the plastic of the balloons can harm the surroundings. We need to save water and avoid the use of plastic. We can enjoy Holi with organic colour without using water and plastic. Plastic is not degradable and hence adds to pollution and affects our beautiful environment. We as responsible people of earth need to save our planet and strive to make it a better place for everyone. So friends let’s make this Holi water-free and make this the best Holi in history.


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