Education to love – Our growth explained
-Vivek Rai 9F
The Education to Love session was conducted in Don Bosco High School 20th and 21st of September. Father Edison Fernandes was the special guest at this session. He came all the way from Goa, to conduct this session.
This session began with an introduction of Fr. Edison Fernandes, who also happens to be a trained doctor. He began the session by explaining to the students about the changes that take place during adoloscence through a short video. With the aid of another video input, Fr. Edison further explained the various important parts of our body.
Immediately after the session many students remarked that they felt free and open to talk to Fr. Edison. They were able to clarify doubts and honestly share the changes they were experiencing in their growth.
This session ended with a vote of thanks to Fr. Edison for offering his precious time to patiently explain to the students the important and relevant aspects of their life relating to growth and well being. The students expressed their gratitude to Fr. Edison through a token of appreciation.

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