English Elocution Competition
David D`souza III B

I was one of the three boys selected to represent my class for the English Elocution Competition to be held on 24th October. I had started preparing myself. My teacher trained and guided me with my facial expressions and voice modulation. I was excited and nervous too as the day drew nearer. In the Bianchi Hall I heard poems recited by the finalists of Std. III and IV. I was exposed to the way I have to recite my poem in future. It was a great learning experience for me.
Daniel Pereira III B
Although the English Elocution Competition was on 24th October the eliminations for the same were held much earlier. I was a finalist. I was told to recite my poem clearly and confidently with correct intonation. My class teacher helped me. There were three judges for the competition. They chose the winners. Those who won received certificates. I was proud to be a finalist.
BurjisIrani III B
My cousin`s mother had chosen my poem for the English Elocution Competition. On the day of the competition I was nervous but I decided to be brave. I went on the stage and recited my poem. Everyone clapped for me. I felt very happy. I have decided to participate every year in every competition.
Shafin Lobo IV D
Hard work pays off this is what our teacher keeps telling us regularly and that is what exactly proved this time as I participated in the English Elocution Competition. With the help of my teacher’s encouraging words and support I bagged the third prize.
Enrico Pinto IV D
I was really surprised and happy that I was selected as a finalist for the English Elocution Competition. I am super happy that I got the first prize and felt very proud to click a photograph with all the winners of Std III and IV. Thanks to my class teacher for placing her trust in me. I now feel encouraged to participate in many more competitions.

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