2 March, 2019

Field trip to fire station – Std III

We were excited to see the Jumbo Tanker for the first time. I came to know that the firefighters not only rescue humans , but also the trapped animals and birds.I loved their bravery and heroism.

-Pratham Kapoor, 3 B


We got a chance to explore the fire station. We learnt a lot. It was a memorable day.

-Triubhraj Dwivedi, 3 B


It was a fulfilled experience for me. I enjoyed a lot.

-Krish Van,  3D


It was an amazing experience for all of us. The live demonstration of activities added more fun to the field trip.

-Karan Raju, 3 D


It was an informative field trip. We learnt many ways how we children can help in case of emergency. I enjoyed a lot.

-Rajanya Kamble, 3 D


The filed trip was so much fun. We boys of Std. 3 got a lot of information. The live demonstration by the officers made us live the moments of emergency in case of fire.

-Sakshant Kadam, 3 D



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