Field trip to the Traffic Park- Std III

We went to the Traffic park at Colaba for a Field Trip. There we learnt to cross the road at the zebra crossing and read the road signs which were displayed on a board. There the policeman explained the traffic rules to us. Our teacher clicked photographs. I enjoyed the bus ride to the Traffic Park. I enjoyed my field trip too.

  • Peter Arockiya Selvam 3 B

We went in a big school bus for our field trip to the Traffic Park at Colaba on Thursday, 28th November. The guide there explained to us the traffic signs. There was a model of a traffic junction which had traffic signals, signs and a zebra crossing. It was a good learning experience. We all enjoyed the trip.

  • David D`Souza3 B

On 28th November we went to Colaba to the Traffic Park on a field trip. The traffic policeman taught us the various traffic signs. We learnt the importance of traffic rules. We also learnt how to avoid accidents and importance of safe driving.

  • Aric Arulselvan 3 B

The students of class III visited the traffic park on 28th November. The traffic park is equipped with traffic signals, road signs, small roads and road crossings. The officer there told us about the safety measures to be followed by all of us to keep ourselves safe on the roads. The visit to the traffic park was not only fun for us but also a great learning experience. The field trip ended with a lot of fun and frolic.

  • Jiyaan Shah 3 D

On 28th November we went to the traffic park. We were all very excited to visit the place. It was an educational yet fun filled trip. It was an innovative place that teaches children to follow the traffic rules. The traffic police on duty explained to us the importance of traffic rules. I have learnt the traffic rules and will also encourage my friends and family members to visit this place.

  • Daksh Khochare 3 D

We went to the Traffic Park on 28th November. We reached there by bus. A traffic policeman and the person In-charge guided us at the traffic park.  We learnt many traffic signs and the safety rules to be followed on the road. We were also excited to see the mini gas station and traffic signals. It was a learning experience.

  • Haumalsawm Khuptong 3A

The boys of Std III went on a much awaited Field Trip to the Traffic Park on 28th November. We enjoyed our bus ride to the Traffic Park. We learnt many new signs from the self -explanatory boards which were then explained by the person-in-charge. He explained the importance of wearing a helmet while driving the two wheeler and also the need to carry the driving license. It is rightly said “Chance takers are Accident makers”. I understood the need to follow the traffic signals. We were also excited to solve the worksheet given to us by our teacher. We enjoyed a lot.

  • Aditya Yadav 3 A






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