-Master Harry Fernando 5D

The English Department of Don Bosco High School, Matunga staged the One Act Play competition for the four houses. The venue was Bianchi Hall and it was held on Thursday, 15th Feb 2018. I am in the Green House and was very lucky to be part of it. All the four houses of the school presented plays giving thought provoking messages. The themes of the different plays were, “The history of the Trojan war” by the red house followed by “life is a precious gift divine” by the green house and “it’s a beautiful world” staged the yellow house. It concluded with “Beauty and the Beast” by the blue house. The acting skills of the students invited a thunderous applause from the audience. The plays came in for high praise from our Rev. Fr. Principal and Rev. Fr. Rector. The perfect preparation and execution by the English teachers and their teams were evident in the plays. To judge this beautifully enacted One Act play competition high profile judges were invited. In a close competition, the Green House won the first prize. The green house presented a reflection of the life style of today’s youngsters. Their message was “Life is a precious gift divine, not meant to be wasted online”. It was meaningful and apt for today’s generation.
Personally for me, it was a great experience to play an active role in the skit competition. I hope to get many more opportunities in the future at Don Bosco.

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