-Master Jaden Menezes  Std IX

(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

As cool as cool can get, Samsung galaxy foldable X is the best. The South Korean giant might be ready to showcase its first completely flexible smart phone in 2018, making it the next big craze for the millennia. In terms of its design, the Galaxy X is likely to flaunt a 7.3-inch OLED display that folds inside, essentially a “clamshell” phone. Samsung is reportedly testing the prototype to ensure parts are not damaged by continual fold and unfolding, while preventing detachment between panel layers and adhesives. It is highly likely that this will be Samsung’s most expensive model. However money will surely not be a deterrent for its fans. But whether X marks thespot or not, we’re clearly entering a foldable future.  In November 2017, we finally had a look at the possible interface of the Galaxy X,  where each half of the display showed a different screen, rather than just making everything bigger or smaller. So here’s looking at the future of phones.

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