Fond Memories – Cultural Day Std IV D

Cultural days at Don Bosco Matunga have always been special for us primary students. However this year’s cultural day was extra special because of the Christmas theme and also because we celebrated Fr. Bernard’s Silver Jubilee of his Ordination.I felt sad because this was our last cultural day in the primary section. I was very happy to be part of the Silver Jubilee felicitation for Fr. Bernard. I felt proud to give the vote of thanks, as the primary captain, at the end of the cultural day programme. I also enjoyed singing the ‘Christmas Alphabet’ and the Welcome song along with my classmates. This was the best cultural day experience in my 6 years at Don Bosco Matunga. I am grateful to all our teachers and the management for their hard work, patience and encouragement, and for making this day a memorable one.

-Liam Sequeira


I was excited to perform on stage with my costume dressed as a stocking and make-up. Even though we are all boys in the class few students in the choir were dressed as girls. We all did our best with the guidance of our class teacher. She took a lot of trouble in training us to deliver our dialogues and sing in tune. This was my best cultural day. I enjoyed all the dances performed.

-Bryce Kinny

The New Born Light will spread Joy was the theme for our Cultural Day. We dressed very smartly and put on a great performance. I was happy when many parents told our teacher that it was a great Cultural Day. The decorations were also very beautiful. Our teacher praised and thanked us for our good behaviour back-stage.


Our Cultural day was on December 18, 2019. We students didn’t just perform for the sake of performing. We did it from the bottom of our heart. It was all because of our teacher’s hard work that we performed so well. I was given the role of a compere. We were also happy as our class felicitated Rev. Fr. Bernard our Principal on his Silver Jubilee of his Ordination. I really enjoyed this cultural day. It was my best performance till date.

-Eshant Nikam

On our Cultural Day we students assembled in the Audio Visual room as instructed by our class teacher. We students were all excited to perform. All our teachers looked very pretty and the decorations put up was beautiful. We boys performed very confidently and this made our teacher very happy. She is going to reward us with a good remark in our hand-book. I want to thank my teacher for all her efforts and my parents for helping my teacher.

-Arnav Khot

We put up an excellent performance for our Cultural Day. The theme was just apt for the festive season. I was encouraged by my teacher each time we practiced singing the songs and now I feel confident that I can sing. I enjoyed all the songs and dances performed by the other classes as we got a chance to watch the performances during our rehearsals. We got good compliments not only from parents of our class but also parents of the other divisions. I will miss these cultural days in the secondary section. Thank you teacher for all your hard work.

-Bhavik Parocha

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