Football, my dream, my passion

-Master Arnav Katija 7E

It was a usual day.  I was browsing the web and exploring a new interesting game. However within a short span, I was bored. I then borrowed my mum’s smart phone and began to listen to music; yet I felt restless soon, so I kept everything aside and took the football.  It took me a while to settle down with it, but slowly it increased my hunger to helm it, my senses got charged, my body was filled with energy and a desire to control the ball and the need to learn skills and do the best. Since then I started playing and thinking about Football everywhere- while walking, eating, studying and even started imagining how my shadow will look, if I kick the ball in a certain manner. It was thrilling and exciting. It was a positive boost in my life, I felt very energetic all of sudden and ready to play football any time, be it day or night, anywhere! It was a very wonderful feeling. I didn’t want to prove anything, but wanted to pursue my passion.

Finally at last, I have figured it out, that I was born to play sport and be passionate for soccer rather wasting time on smart phones (which was never smart) or computer to entertain myself. It was my passion towards the sport which sparked the brightness within me.

My institute is playing a vital role, it’s shaping and building us to demonstrate the best out of us and take our skills to the next level.

I am thankful to God for the grace He showed and provided me with great souls who supported, encouraged me to follow my passion- My Family and Mentors.


I have a small dream to make my school and proud!

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