Free As a Fish
In the month of July as an assignment for Art & Craft the students of Std IV were given a very interesting topic. It was creating an image of a fish tank using simple articles like plastic bottle caps, colourful bindis, a thick card-board and other regular supplies like crayons, colour pencils, fevicol etc. The bottle caps formed the body of the fish, while the bindis formed colourful bubbles. Whoever imagined we could recycle bottle caps to create something beautiful.


-Yohaan Fernandes IV D

It was fun working on the project‘ Best of Waste.’ We used the card-board to depict it as an ocean and used the bottle caps and bindis to create fishes of different kind. I enjoyed sticking the bottle caps on the card-board, by making it the head of the fish. I also made designs on the bottle caps with the use of sketch-pens. I like art and craft and I enjoyed doing this project. I was happy when my work was displayed in the class on the display board.
-Liam SequeiraStd IV D

Craft is an experience and I love doing craft. I used waste articles like bottle caps to make a fish tank. I made different kind of fishes using my imagination and creativity. I learned that nature is very important and we need to care for our environment. We should not throw waste in the sea like plastic etc as it destroys the life of all sea animals. If we do not stop, we will not experience the ocean of sea creatures and it will only stay as an imagination. We will only see these creatures in our drawing and craft books.
-Enrico Pinto Std IV D

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