-Class 4 C students speak on their class activities and picnic

Clay Modelling

The Clay Modelling Competition was held on 24th July, 2018. The topic was Life-cycle of animals. I made life-cycle of a butterfly. I really enjoyed the activity because I was happy to do something other than regular studies.

– Harsh Pashte, Std 4 C


The topic chosen helped us to learn about the life-cycle of animals in such a practical way that learning gets fixed in our minds.

– TirthVisariya, Std 4 C


I got a lot of ideas while doing my clay modeling. My mind felt so fresh and relaxed while doing this activity.

– Shryan Ashok, Std 4 C


This is a great way to enhance imagination, spark creativity and develop eye-hand co-ordination.

-Sayyam Jain, Std 4 C


Class picnic to Kidzania

Right from arrival to departure, we felt we were on a new planet.

-Sayyam Jain, Std 4 C


This picnic enhanced my knowledge and skills regarding many professions. My best picnic ever! Thank you, Fr. Principal!

– Jaydon Joseph, Std 4 C


Fun! Fun! Fun!

I had such great fun going to Kidzania that I feel like going there again!

–  Arjun Samboo Std 4 C

A truly enriching experience as I learnt the value of earning, managing, calculating and spending money. A perfect example of playway method of learning. All of us returned with lifelong fond memories.

– Asees Singh Sablok, Std 4 C


When I entered Kidzania, I felt as if I had entered a new world – a world full of knowledge and entertainment.

– PranavKirdat, Std 4 C


The picnic was great fun because we got a chance to explore different professions.

ZaidSayed, Std 4 C


I earned lots of money and now I have my own Debit card from Yes Bank, which was like a dream come true – thanks to Kidzania. `Hard work never fails` – this is what I learnt at Kidzania.

-Shryan Ashok, Std 4 C


Play is the best way to learn and one gets to do the just that at Kidzania – learn about different professions in playway.

– Dhairya Savla, Std 4 C


Kidzania taught us how to be practical in real life.

– Advait Palkar Std 4 C




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