Father and Son Day was organized by our school teachers on Saturday, 7th March. There was a beautiful backdrop and the games were held on the turf. I was very happy to spend time with my dad. Our teacher explained to our dads how we were to play the Crazy Waiter game. We won in the game and were given chocolates. It was indeed a very happy day for us boys.

Vihaan Chavan- IVD

I enjoyed spinning a top in the Gym area and flying a kite on the football ground with my dad. I was happy to see my kite flying high. My dad and I enjoyed as we cut the kite my friend Rugved was flying. We decided to have a competition among ourselves. Bhavya was able to spin the top on his palm. I tried but did not succeed. My dad promised me that he will teach me the technique of spinning a top on my palm during the vacation.

Meet Pawar- IVD

On Saturday, 7th March the school organized Father and Son Day for us boys so that we could spend time with our dads. The boys put up an entertaining dance. The games organized were fun.  It was a special day set aside for all dads and they were happy to get a break from their busy routine. Fr. Bernard our Principal explained the importance of a dad in a child’s life and the importance of such a celebration. Thanks to one and all for organizing this programme. It was indeed a wonderful experience.

Aarush Pawar- IVD

I wait eagerly every year for this day as I can spend time with my dad. We played games like the Crazy Waiter and Ball Relay. We won in the Crazy Waiter Game. We clicked a photograph with our Class Teacher. My dad wrote a lovely message for me on the heart shaped sticky note. I enjoyed the dance ‘One Way Ticket.’ I want to say a big thank-you to my school for organizing this event for us boys and our dads.

Arnav Rawal- IVD

Our teacher helped us to make a beautiful book-mark for our dads in advance which we presented to them on Father and Son Day. I enjoyed flying a kite and spinning a top with my dad after a very long time. I share this experience with all my friends who study in other schools and they tell me that I am very lucky. Thanks to our Management and teachers for organizing this wonderful day year after year.

Sakshant Kadam- IVD

I enjoy this wonderful day with my dad every year. The games organized by our teacher were fun and all the dads played the games very sportingly. Flying kites and spinning tops brought joy on our faces. The most memorable moment was when teacher announced the winner of the best message. The prize was given to my dad and me on the stage in front of everyone.

Arnav Khot- IVD

Father and Son Day celebration brings joy to my heart. I am proud of my school as it is the only school which celebrates this wonderful day. I will remember this day even when I grow up. Thank you teachers.

RajanyaKamble- IVD

The Disco Dance performed by my friends was very entertaining. My dad liked the costumes very much. Our Head Teacher gave our dads a beautiful message. Our dads were given a heart shaped sticker note to write a message why they loved us. My dad and I enjoyed playing the games. I was happy to spend time with my dad in school.

Bhavik Parocha- IVD

The Father and Son Day was an action packed day at school. My dad was super excited to spend some precious time with me. From flying a kite, to games, spot prizes, dance performance, a special message written by our dads for us boys made us feel very special. In short it was a day to remember. All thanks to the members of the Management, Head Teacher, our Class Teacher and all the teachers for all their thoughtful ways and hard work.

Yohann Fernandes- IVD

The memories of Father and Son Day are very dear to my father and me. This is the day when my father gets a chance to bring out the kid in him and for me to be his friend more than his son. We took part in competitive games organized by the class teachers and also flew kites and spun tops. We had a lot of fun.

Thank you for this lovely innovation, please keep carrying on with this celebration and help us kids and our dads create a special bond of friendship.

Pratham Kapoor – IV A

We celebrated Father and Son Day in our school on 7th March, 2020. I played games with my father like flying kites and spinning tops. There was a competition of tug-of-war and hula hoops between the fathers of Std II A and II B. It was super fun. I had a good time with my father.

Aryan Shadija – II A

Father and Son Day was celebrated in school on Saturday, 7th March, 2020. I came to school with my father, so I was very happy. There were many papas on the ground. The teachers had decorated the stage very nicely. There was a tug-of-war and hula hoops competition for all papas. But our class lost. I spun a top with my papa and he taught me to take the spinning top on my palm. It was great fun.

Ambar Annarkar– II A

Father and Son Day was celebrated in school on Saturday, 7th March, 2020. We had competitions like tug-of-war and hula hoops. My father and I flew kites and spun tops. My father cut three kites. We had a lot of fun. I wish Father and Son Day would be celebrated every month. I enjoyed myself a lot.

Nathan Fernandes– II A

The Father and Son Day was a joint celebration for Stds. I and II. It was inaugurated by the school priests, and followed by a Welcome song and dance by our fellow students. Then the teacher gave us instructions. The teachers of Std. II had organized games like tug-of-war for the dads and they were cheered by their sons.  Hula hoops involved dads and sons and was played with great joy. We also flew kites and spun tops.

RugvedNaik– II A

Our school had organized an amazing event – The Father and Son Day. I came to school along with my father. I saw that the stage was decorated very beautifully. My father played the tug-of-war and we played the hula hoop game together. My father bought a top and kite for me and we enjoyed ourselves. What a wonderful day it was!

Naksh Jodhawat– II A

We prepared an invitation inviting our Dads for the Father and Son Day which was held on Saturday, 7th March, 2020 at 1.30 pm on our school turf. We were all looking forward to our dads coming for this function. We had a welcome dance for our dads. We were instructed where to go to fly kites and spin tops. Thereafter there were games for us. It was a day full of fun with our dads in school.

David D`Souza – III B

On Father and Son Day there were lots of fun activities and races for our Dads and us. We spun tops, flew kites and danced together. My father and I had a lot of fun. I will wait for Father and Son Day in Std. IV again.

Aric Arulselvam–III B


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