“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Today our class Teacher Ms Kashmira explained to us an interesting topic in E.V.S.I (Water Safe for Drinking). She asked four boys to mix different substances like sugar, salt, honey and turmeric in water. I was asked to mix salt in water, later the salt dissolved in water and it tasted salty. The same happened with sugar and the water tasted sweet.

But in the case of honey it didn’t dissolve but the water colour changed and in the case of turmeric the water colour changed to yellow. Teacher too did an experiment with beetroot boiled in water and the water colour changed to red. It was very interesting for all of us to watch how water changed its appearance and taste according to different substances added to it.

This proves that water changes its form according to substances added to it. Teacher explained to us the importance of water, uses of water and introduced us to new terms like solution, mixture, substance, potable water which means water safe for drinking. Today’s online class was very exciting and informative.

 Jiyaan Shah IV D


I was really excited to perform the experiment. Teacher gave us instructions before class could begin and asked us to keep a glass of water, spoon and a few substances that we would need to carry out the activities. After we performed the activity she asked us questions and as per our observations we answered how the colour of water changes, how a mixture of that substance is formed. When substances like salt, sugar etc. dissolves in water, it spreads throughout the water and the taste changes accordingly.

Four students including me did the experiment online with the help of our teacher. We learned how water is important for all not only for human beings but for animals and plants as well.  It was such a good experience and teacher resolved our doubts. Thank you teacher for conducting this session with us.

Abid Khan IV D


Today we were taught that it’s very important to purify water before consuming it because there are many germs and bacteria that cause health issues. A simple water purifier installed at home can help us to have clean drinking water every day and drink to good health. Boiled water is very safe for drinking. We learned how we can observe micro-organisms under a microscope. We were very happy when Manvik displayed the microscope he has and teacher explained the various parts of a microscope. I was happy to conduct the activity of mixing honey in water.

Ishaan Aiyer IV D


Today during the online class, we did experiments by adding different substances in water. Teacher asked me to take a glass half full of water and add one spoonful of sugar to it. Teacher told me to stir it with a spoon for some time. Teacher also told the other students to add different substances like salt, turmeric powder and honey in a glass half full of water. We were amazed to know that sugar and salt gets dissolved in water and disappear on stirring, but honey and turmeric powder did not disappear even on stirring and did not dissolve in water. We all learned that some substances dissolve in water while some substances do not.

Daksh Khochare IV D


Teacher conducted a few experiments during the online class. She took a glass of water and added some soil particles, stones and small leaves to it. I understood the process of allowing heavier particles to settle to the bottom of still water is called ‘settling’. Teacher then swirled alum in the water and the water in the upper part became transparent. The lighter particles like the small twigs, leaves… were floating. Teacher kept asking us questions and helped us understand all the new terms mentioned in the lesson.

Kothekar Giriraj IV D


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