Getting to know more about ozone depletion

-Bhavik Khona 7D

On 21st September, the Hindu student edition published a special feature entitled ‘All about ozone’. The school had arranged copies of this edition for the students of Stds. 7 and 8. I was fascinated by the articles on the newspaper, but there was one of the images that created a deep impression on me. This picture is all about saving the earth and the environment. It tells us about the precautions we can take to save our planet from disastrous conditions that are caused by global warming. It also shows us the reasons behind ozone depletion and global warming. Planting trees, making people aware of it by organizing science exhibitions, poster competitions and drawing competitions on the global problems that we are facing, are some of the ways that we can create awareness and thus save our planet.
Problems we have faced like the floods in Kerala and the typhoon in Hong Kong are because of global warming. For a better future, a single person taking these measures won’t be enough. But we can all contribute in small measures. When every single person contributes and does his bit, the world won’t be facing as many disasters any more.


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