Grandparents day- Primary students pen down fond memories

On 21st July we celebrated Grandparents Day in school which is now an annual tradition. My grandfather never misses this opportunity to come to school and be a part of the celebration. He was excited on receiving the invitation for the same. I feel so lucky that my school has kept aside one special day when my grandparents get to meet my friends and teachers. Thank-you Don Bosco.

  • Sayhan Khan

I really enjoyed the grandparents day celebration. My grandparents appreciated the story Fr. Rector narrated about his grandparents and made the children aware that they need to love and respect their grandparents. I enjoyed dancing with my grandparents. I wish that this day is celebrated every year.

  • Jordan Fernando


Thank-you  Members of the Management and teachers for celebrating this special day in school with our dear grandparents. It was very exciting to see the smiles and happiness on my grandparents face as they enjoyed the entire programme and danced to Bollywood music. Thanks once again for making this day happen which we students will cherish with fondness and love.

  • Ishaan Aiyer

I was very happy to see my grandparents in school for the celebration.Fr. Rector made us understand that our grandparents are the roots of our family and that we need to love and respect them as they will not be there with us forever. On hearing this I had tears in my eyes and  I wanted to give them a tight hug. It was a day well spent.

  • Athaang Shirkar


I was very happy as my teacher selected me to be a part of the entertainment programme.  I felt very happy to perform for all the grandparents. I enjoyed dancing with my grandparents and will remember what Fr. Rector told all of us that we need to love our grandparents and always respect them.

  • Kanishk Khose

I was anxiously waiting for the celebration of this day. I felt very happy when my grandmother came to school and danced with me and met my teacher. I had a wonderful time and will cherish these memories forever.

  • Jinang Jhaveri

The programme began with a lovely welcome song. I enjoyed every bit of the programme. My grandparents said they were very happy that the school inculcated values in their students from a very young age. The school is doing a great job. It was indeed an over whelming and fun filled day.

  • Nirmit Yelamkar


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