Master HEET MEHTA 10 D

The festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated with much gusto throughout India. It is a day when the students or the disciples celebrate the role of their Guru in their lives. This festival is normally celebrated in the month of Ashadh (according to the Hindu calendar) on a full moon day. Everyone becomes successful in life only because of a Guru or a Teacher. Guru Purnima is an occasion for appreciating the efforts the teachers take to help us.

The real gift for teachers is when their students become good human beings, as also successful in their career and business.

Not all students are like “Shishya and Guru” especially in the modern era. That’s sadly because the value system is changing. In my mind Teachers are great and they are always in heart of students. The status of a Guru is considered God-like. The life of a student gets completed once he  has  received blessings from his Guru.


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