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It’s finally here, the most anticipated book of 2k16! and we at Don Bosco bring you a review of this exhilarating book. As all the Potter heads know that, this is the eight book to the Harry Potter franchise excluding other books like ‘the various textbooks of the wizards’ . It is currently only available in the play format. As we are  die-hard fans of fantasy books, the Harry Potter series is on the top of the list of books that we’ve read. We could say that as we both share an inextricable link with this series. We would rate it a solid 4/5 or 3.9/5 because of the compact yet thrilling story that the authors have presented .There were some faults that resulted the loss of one point .

The book lost its one point for the way Hermione Granger is portrayed.  Hermoine is elevated to being’ the Minister of Magic and her character in the play is a far cry from how she comes across in  the other seven instalments.. This book sets her as a person who cares about her job more than people . The  book introduces many new characters out of which the main are Albus, Harry’s son, and Scorpius, Draco Malfoy’s son. As Albus finds an object that can turn back time, this book takes us to different realities, what would have happened if some minor changes were made in history. The teenage boy embarks on a journey through time to fix his dad’s mistake by trying to save Cedric Diggory.The fact is  there are a lot of un-answered questions and issues like Prof.Snape being soft instead of his usual robotic behavior , transfiguration into  another person , the biggest of all, Hermoine depending on Ron for guidance , the implementation of a totally new prophecy and also the fact that’ the boy who lived’ is scared of pigeons !

We get to see Harry in his new role as a parent,   struggling to teach his son, Albus, the morals of life and that he is not exactly the “best dad in the world”. There are also relatable situations  between our lives and the main protagonist like ‘trying to blend into a new school , the making of new friends , discussing about boring subjects and getting on the good side of teachers’.harry potter2

Overall the book is  thrilling and  humorous,  with its quips like when Albus comments on Scorpius’ parentage and we quote:” You can’t be Voldemort’s son, look you have a nose.” The book depicts  the problems faced by teenagers in the muggle world and represents them in the wizarding world. It is fun for all ages and the most enjoyable for  people who have read all of J.K Rowling’s works.


– Ethan Sequeira- IX C and Siddhaved Savant – IX A 

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