Harvesting rainwater

– Masters Ravin Shah and Kenneth Rodrigues  9D

The Don Bosco Rainwater Harvesting Research Team which aimed at harvesting rainwater in places where there is scarcity of water, came up with a solid plan to try to decrease scarcity of water.  The team comprised of four students from STD IX, Ravin Shah, Kenneth Rodrigues, Shwell Salunkhe, Hishaam Majeed and Don Selvin from STD X.

The project aimed at demonstrating the prototype of rain water harvesting unit that constitutes different stages of filtration such as mesh filter, spun cartridge filter, ultra filtration membrane filters and ultraviolet disinfection system for the treatment of stored rainwater. The integrated treatment method enables the use of roof-top and run-off rainwater by means of adopting various water storage systems including percolation tank, check dams, recharge shaft both in rural and urban areas. Our Rainwater Research Team had adopted the village Walwanda located in

Jawahar taluka in Thane District, Maharashtra.

Two of our members, Kenneth Rodrigues and Shwell Salunkhe went to Walwanda in order to understand more about the water problems faced by the villagers who need to walk miles to collect drinkable water. After understanding and carefully analysing the problem, we planned a model plan that would be ideal to fulfil the water needs of the villagers.

Our Research Team then participated in the NCSC (National Children’s Science Congress).

This Research work has given us a very enriching experience on how to plan and deal with situation.. The scientific temperament and experience gained will surely help us in our future. This will be a memorable experience to cherish for life.

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