Hip Hip Hurray – Cultural Day Std III

I was often surprised by the angel’s halo. I had a few questions in my mind regarding the halo .How is it created? What does it mean? I got an answer to all my questions through our Cultural day held on 3rd August,2019. I learned that we should always help each other and journey with joy and holiness. Then someday an angel will gift me a halo too.
Saahil Langaliya – III A
I was excited to perform and give my best shot for the Cultural Day as I wore my beautiful costumes. My parents had come to watch the show. I was also happy to see the Members of the Management enjoying the show. We enacted an Action Song ‘Lend A Helping Hand’. A true boscoite always lends a helping hand to everyone in need. It was a memorable day.
Haumalsawm Khuptong- III A
The Cultural Day is an important event in the life of a Primary school student at Don Bosco Matunga. It helps each student to build his confidence and display his talents before an audience. Our Cultural Day revolved around the theme `Holiness is a Divine Gift`.
AtharvaMatkar and AyushKanawade –III B
I was very excited on the Cultural Day. I was a dancer in the skit put up by my class. The stage was beautifully decorated.
Mudassir Lunje- III B
Cultural Day is an enjoyable day for us students. A lot of effort goes in the preparation of this day by our teachers and classmates.
Shahzaib Khan – III B
On our Cultural day some of us were excited while some of us were nervous.Since we were all well prepared our nervousness vanished as soon as we went up on the stage to perform.
David D`Souza – III B
The theme of our Cultural Day was `Holiness is a Divine Gift`. On the backdrop I saw a big gift box with Don Bosco on it and a smaller gift box with Dominic Savio on it. We thank God for the gift of these two Saints.
Burjis Irani – III B

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