Humanity above all

-Master Krish Fernandes 8B

 Today we live in a country full of cultures and colors. India is a privileged country in the world where people of different cultures live together happily. But, is it really true? Are we living happily today? If it is so, then why these riots in the name of religion? Why do we always rely on our caste to do something? Why do we not treat all God’s people as one?

In religions and their holy books, we do come across a lot of similarities. The holy book of Hindus is the BHAGWAD GITA  .The holy book of Christians is the GOOD NEWS BIBLE. The holy book of Muslims is the KORAN. In all these three books the content and the scriptures or teachings are very similar. They speak of love, suffering, service and humanity.  Again, the season of Ramzan of the Muslims is of forty days where they fast. In Hinduism the Shravan month is of forty days where they fast and the Christians too,  the season of lent is for forty days of fast.

My mom being a Maharashtrian and my dad being a Catholic, I was always taught to respect the cultures of other religions. So today I am comfortable to sit in any religious place. I believe that the spirit of God is everywhere.  For me the biggest and the greatest religion which overtakes every other caste out there is HUMANITY.  And living in country like India is a pleasure where we can show compassion towards people of different cultures. No one can break the bond of humanity among people. Only then, will we forget all our differences of castes, races and religions.


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