Humanity is fighting against the newly discovered COVID-19!

-Gurmehar Singh -10 C

In the present times, where one can see the entire humanity fighting against the newly discovered Covid-19 (Coronavirus), which veritably is nature’s scheme of an impactful payback, makes us (humans) realize that most of the activities, enterprises and entertainment, around which our lives revolved are all transient and false. Due to the extensive spread of this virus, which is indeed hazardous and capable of wiping off the entire human race, one can see severe measures observed by most of the countries in forms of lockdowns and isolations to prevent the virus from spreading further and causing more devastation.

All gyms, hotels, cafes, clubs, restaurants have been shut. On the contrary, even in such a complicated scenario, policemen, doctors and nurses risk their lives for us and are performing their duties wholeheartedly portraying their true value and commitment towards their work. In such times, in order to convey our esteem and due respect to such great personalities, we must ensure that we stay safe indoors and avoid roaming outside thereby practising social distancing.

This is the precious time gifted to us by God as a break to our arduous and lavish lives. We must make constructive use of it in terms of pursuing our passion, knowing our interests and fulfilling our curiosities which can help us become better day by day and come out in flying colours after the lockdown. This may be evident in the stunning performance of an office worker who made efforts during the lockdown to bring out policies for his company or even in the results of a student who tried his best to improve his learning and came with better ideas.

We must remember that after the quarantine, if we are posed by a question as to what productive work we have done in this period, we must be able to answer it in utmost confidence and explain the activities and habits that we brought into practice. The fruitful use of this brief stint can play a vital role for us to become valedictorians in true sense!

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