Humans! Intelligent or Fools

-Master Dhruv Dalvi 8B

Are humans really intelligent, book reading worms or just fools ? Not yet proved, but scientists say that humans are most intelligent than any other living creatures on this planet. But I don’t think so.

Humans have always been an obstacle in nature’s path, because of the extensive use of natural resources and the pollution caused by them, that disturb the balance of the nature. In the year 2012 the population of sparrows decreased by 30% because of the environmental changes and pollution caused by humans. In India there has been a serious┬árise in population every year for which the mangroves and the forests are cleared on a large scale to accommodate the human population. This activity hampers the cycle of the nature and its habitat.

It is important to maintain the balance of nature if humanity has to exist because nature says “Humans require nature. Nature doesn’t require humans.”


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