(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

There is a growing concern related to increasing energy requirement. In this new era, pollution is one of the significant problems faced by us, caused by vehicles emitting carbon monoxide. Man is striving to invade this problem since decades.

India and other countries have come across Hydrogen cars as a solution to invade the old fuel-running cars. But the main problem behind this was the production of hydrogen. But, one of the most efficient storage of hydrogen is found in its chemical hydrides like NaBH4. These substances can also be recycled.

It was found that the hydrogen yield from these chemical hydrides is 100 % after a few minutes span. Also, a catalyst is required to obtain maximum yield from the hydride. Some students of the school, observed this experiment of -‘Hydrogen Production from Chemical Hydrides’ at the Bombay University performed by the experimental team.

They observed that the Hydrogen Yield from this process of nano catalysis was 100% after 60 minutes. The produced hydrogen could then be kept under pressure at the Hydrogen Fuel Stations and filledinto Hydrogen cars as and when required. The advantage is that these cars emit water vapour that causes no harm to the environment.

This method of hydrogen production saves a lot of time. The special hydrogen cars required for this are designed by companies like Toyota, Hyundai and others. They use means like synthesis of gas, electrolysis to produce Hydrogen used in cars. This new mean of yielding hydrogen from chemical hydride seems more effective. Hydrogen cars will soon replacecars run on  fossil fuels . This method is eco-friendly and takes a major step towards reducing pollution and saving the environment.



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