If I Met God

– Master Jay Rathod 6B

 God is everywhere. We can feel God’s presence wherever we go and whenever we want. But we never come face to face with Him. I wish I could meet God. If I met God first and foremost I wouldn’t be able to believe it. I would feel at the top of the world. At that moment i would pinch myself if i am sleeping or really God is in front of me. I have many dreams that I want to make reality. I would want to own a chocolate factory where I could eat chocolates whenever I want. I would wish there would be no exams at all. Then there would be no need to study and I could just play and make merry. I would wish to explore the whole world that too free of cost, visa, traveling time and so on.

But, above all these petty wishes, my priority is to eradicate illness, both physical and mental which prevails almost everywhere on earth.

People around us always suffer from some or the other diseases. They have to spend lot of money on curing those diseases. People who are poor sometimes have to sell their valuable possessions and even the roofs on their heads to cure themselves or their family members. Due to lack of proper medication and insufficient money people have to lose their lives. It is not only physical health that matters but also mental sicknesses like depression, coma etc which is a big issue which I want people to get rid off. If I to meet God in any means I would want him to make our world free from these illnesses. I would urge him to make His children happier by all means.

God please, please solve my problem. Make this world as beautiful as you had created earlier. Thank you God for meeting me. Hope you will meet me once again and fulfill my wish to make this world a better place to live in.

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