Sachin Subbiah 8A

On Wednesday 10th of October 2018, students from class 7th to 10th went to the theme park, ’Imagica,’ for their picnic. It was a very nice experience there.

The students were very restless from the day they got their circular which mentioned that their picnic spot was ‘Imagica.’ Then the great day arrived. When the clock struck eight in the morning all boys prayed to God and took their place in the bus. The mood in the bus was merry with everyone singing and dancing. Within two hours we reached the spot. Seeing the majestic, vast Imagica, the students’ hearts were overfilled with excitement. Everyone’s lips were tuning the rhythm, ‘Imagica Ima-ima-ima, Imagica.’ There was an entry procedure. They gave us a band of recognition. As soon as we entered, all students went in different directions to try all the rides. No one had a second to waste. The rides which had made our day included: The PUBG like real life game of ALIBABA & 40 THIEF. Rushing for gold at the GOLD RUSH. Travelling behind the time at the dampening agent, RAJASAURUS. The space experiencing, superfast ride, DEEP SPACE. The jerk giving, inertial ride at DARE TO DROP (D2). Last but not the least, the unforgettable, mind blowing, extremely fast NITRO! There were also shows like I FOR INDIA, MR INDIA, WRATH OF GODS and MOTION BOX. There was also the terrifying ghost house, the scary SALIM GHAR.

It was a very good day, an enjoyable moment with our friends and teachers. It was difficult to exit the theme park after such a glorious experience. Everyone waved goodbye to the immense Imagica hoping to come and visit the theme park again in the near future!

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