Imagica all the way

On 10th October 2018 our school took us to imagica .We travelled to imagica in a bus. Standards 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th were taken to imagica whereas the 5th and the 6th were taken to Silent Resort. Both the groups had fun.
In imagica there were spellbinding rides. But the most enthralling ride was Nitro. At certain points it felt that we were in a race because the speed of the Nitro was exceptionally fast. But Nitro was not the only ride; deep space too was a great ride. As it was an indoor rollercoaster, it appeared more alarming; students who sat on deep space screeched the whole way. All these were majestic rides but the most thrilling ride was Shalimgarh, where we had to sit in a cart while people disguised in spectre tried to scare us .There was also a humorous 4D ride called Mr. India. Another ride called D2 DROP was among the best. Our school had provided us with lunch and had also given us vouchers. At 4:45 pm we stopped our games and rides, and assembled near the entry gate to report for our return home. While returning from the picnic spot we sang various Hollywood and Bollywood songs.
The trip to imagica was planned very well. Though the time duration was less we had an incredible day.

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