Imagica brought out the spirit of the Boscoites

-Shubham Sawant and Bhavik Khona 8A

On Wednesday, 13th November, 2019 the students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga went for their school picnic to Imagica. The students of Std 5 to 8 went to Adlabs Imagica while the students of Std 9 and 10 went to Aqua Imagica. We reported to school at 7:30am and said the morning prayer which was followed by instructions given to us by Fr. Principal. Our class teacher took the attendance and we then proceeded to the bus to take us for our picnic.

We reached Imagica at 11:30am.The huge roller coaster of Imagica could be seen from outside. The happiness and the excitement were evident on each and every face. Once inside, we were directed to have breakfast. After breakfast, we scampered off to enjoy the different rides in the amusement park. The roller coasters were fast and we were airborne and felt exhilarated with each passing moment. The haunted ‘Salimgarh’ ride was really spooky and it gave us goosebumps when we sat on the ride. Lunch was served at 1pm after which we continued to enjoy the thrilling rides at Imagica.

We assembled near the gate at 3.45pm as it was the time to return home. We were given a pouch with pictures of mascots on it as a souvenir from Imagica. We reached school at 6:30 pm. Even though we were tired and exhausted, we were still happy as we said goodbye to our friends after an exciting outing to Imagica.

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