In the Potter’s hands – Our young minds (Std II) speak on clay modelling




Our class teacher announced almost a fortnight in advance about the Clay Modelling Competition which would be held on 12th September. On hearing this announcement I was indeed very happy. I moulded different colours of clay to make a basket of vegetables. It was a very good experience and my classmates and myself thoroughly enjoyed this activity. A big thanks to our school and our teachers for organizing these type of healthy competitions for us. – Sayan Bera  II D

I found the Clay Modelling Competition amazing and full of fun. I made a vegetable basket and different kinds of vegetables kept in it. I made use of my hands and creative thinking to make this model. –  Parth Ghatkamble  II D

All the students including myself were very excited when our class teacher Ms Kashmira Rodrigues encouraged us to participate in this competition. She announced the topics and also gave a brief idea how to go about the same. It was a tough competition. I worked very hard preparing for the competition and expected to win. It was an enjoyable experience and I would love to participate in this competition next year too.- Asees Singh Sablok  II D

I was very excited and waiting to participate in this competition. I was a bit nervous at the beginning but later when I started moulding the clay to make the model my fear all disappeared and I got busy making the clay models. One after the other I was moulding the vegetable models and was happy to complete the colourful vegetable basket. I tried my best and was very happy when Ms.Kashmira my class teacher selected the model I made. Thank you teacher for all your encouragement – Vidit Patekar II D

Clay Modelling is a very creative activity. I enjoyed moulding the colourful vegetables. I used non-toxic clay for my activity. My mother made me practice moulding these vegetables many times. Everyone praised me saying that the clay vegetable basket I made looked realistic.-   Devansh  Narang II D

Clay moulding is my favourite activity. I put in my best efforts to see that the model looks beautiful. Our class teacher told us to select any one topic ‘Vegetable Basket’ or ‘A Park’. She gave us enough time to practice the same. I enjoyed every moment doing this activity. – Akansh Tejnani   II D

I made a vegetable basket moulding bright coloured clay. I enjoyed participating in this competition. Even though my model was not selected I am not disappointed. I will do my best and try to win next year in this competition. Our class teacher gave us good remarks to encourage us even though our models were not selected. – Isshan Mishra  II D



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