India Independent.

Keith Vaz – 6 D

Oh India, how it longed for its freedom,
From the British that ruled our kingdom.
We hoped and waited for that dawn,
2nd Oct the son of soil was born.

Our countrymen, rich and poor,
Wide cultures we have, yet keep us near.
Our Leaders – Visionaries, Revolutionaries,
Kept us together and with no worries.

With a burning desire for our Freedom,
We joined the Quit India movement.
A tricolour unfurled on 15th August,
To hope and declare our Independence.

A nation huge and young,
Varied cultures and mother tongues.
A land rich and diverse,
Yet we are a small universe.

Be an agent of change and integrity,
Take pride in our achievements and unity.
Pray for our armies that protect us,
Spread Love and Peace around us.

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