India’s having a warm up!!!

Just as the P.T. and sports teachers in the school get the students to warm up before games, our India too is experiencing a warm up. The planet has become multi-conditioned planet with extreme conditions due to global warming. Places have extreme cold, hot or rainy conditions. Indian people are facing the extreme, heat-stricken summers.
People sweat and get dehydrated as their intake of water and drinks prove insufficient for them. It is really sad that the season in which the children used to play the most has become the season in which children become ill, weak and are restricted to go out. Ice creams, cold drinks, mocktails etc. have become the best-sellers. Add to this, the medicines for people this summer! Even moving out for us has become a risk. The heat has transformed cities of India for eg. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc. deserts as the temperature in these places have even reached 45* Celsius. Even such places are empty and deserted during day time as people don’t venture to move out. Thus, we can call such places deserted cities or desert cities. Even the Himalayas have started melting.
Scientifically speaking, we are digging our own grave. Cutting down trees for our selfish gains causes environmental imbalance. The AC’s and refrigerators we use to provide cooling facilities release harmful gases which keeps destroying the protective ozone layer on the earth allowing extremely hot and dangerous UV rays of the sun to enter in. Slowly but surely, this warm up will destroy us if we do not bother to care for the environment.

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