-Master Arnav Sawant 8A

I’m the internet, I’m in every house.

With me people are together,

Without me they are a lonely feather.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter

Are some of the apps that connect all, be it any weather?

Making and deleting friends was never so easy,

My grandparents wonder is today’s generation crazy?

Making charts and projects in school was never so much fun,

Thanks to me that any information and pictures are

available for them at the click of a few buttons .

Outdoor games like kabaddi, badminton and hide and seek,

Are archived in our parent’s memories.

Pokemon go, soccer and clash of clans,

Are games that keep all hooked and busy?

Reference points have changed today in all dictionaries.

While there are many pluses to my use,

My abuse is rampant too.

People with brain sharper than developers,

Misuse me which has given me a bad name too.

I’m gaining acceptance,

I’m growing by leaps and bounds,

But as a friend I will advise you,

Explore me and you will not repent,

As the offerings from me will have no end.

But limit the time that you spend on me.

As there is nothing like connecting with ‘real’ friends.





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