It is not the end but the beginning

Amogh – X D

“Nature has its own way of healing, sometimes with serenity and sometimes with chaos.” No one ever in their wildest of dreams imagined, that a tiny ball full of thorns, arguably not even a living thing, would come to mend the ways of humanity.

Humans are the most fragile elements of this entire endeavor. There seems to be no life beyond this planet. Hence, we go for humanity. The only way they say is ‘social distancing’. In short in this battle, we have to be together by staying apart, we have to stay united by being divided. Only then can we win the war.

We have come a long way fighting this virus. From this distant vantage point, I seemed to have learned many things. Values are being kindled; I now have a different understanding of family time. It is not spending time in fancy restaurants eating outside food, but it is eating home cooked food with our beloved ones. Above all the things I learnt, I found that humans are not the most superior beings. Some superior source is always there to terminate our ego of being the most powerful.

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