‘A smile is the prettiest thing you`ll ever wear’.

Today we had Keep Smiling Day. Dr. Atul Indurkhya, a dentist came online to our class. He gave us important information on how to take care of our teeth. We came to know how to brush our teeth correctly and take care of them. We should brush our teeth after breakfast, lunch and dinner. We should use a Junior toothbrush, mouth wash, toothpaste and a tongue cleaner. We should change our toothbrush after three to four months, never use a toothpick in our mouth and go for a dental check up every six months. We should not swallow the toothpaste after brushing as all the germs from our mouth will enter our belly and upset it. After drinking milk, we should at least rinse our mouth. We should avoid junk food and realize that our milk teeth are also important so we must take care of them.

Nuren Shah   IIIB


Today we celebrated Keep Smiling Day in our online class through Google meet. Our dear class teacher Mrs. Shahnaaz introduced us to a dentist Dr. Atul Indurkhya after prayers. The doctor explained to us beautifully with a video and a presentation on how teeth are important in the overall personality and why dental checkups are necessary. It was fun to learn how cavities are formed through a very easy explanation. When we eat something and don’t rinse our mouth, germs get stuck in our teeth and form acid which in turn form cavities in the teeth. It’s better to visit a dentist every six months so that small cavities if formed can be treated at that point of time. If you delay the dental visit it might cause a big and long dental treatment which will be painful. It’s very important to select a good tooth brush, follow the correct technique of brushing, changing our toothbrush every three months, flossing, using a tongue cleaner and eating healthy food for better oral hygiene. Dr. Atul Indurkhya also interacted with all the kids where we got an opportunity to ask queries about dental health. He also motivated us to keep good oral hygiene by rinsing our mouth with water after tiffin breaks in school by sharing an example of Japan where the kids follow a very disciplined schedule of good oral care by brushing their teeth in school after lunch break. I am personally impressed by the way this whole concept was taught to us today and now I will always follow the five golden rules that doctor shared online with us:






Eating more fibrous food like fruits and vegetables will not form many cavities provided we always rinse and brush after these meals. But those who eat a lot of junk food like cookies, chocolates, wafers and pastries will have more cavities and dental issues. At the age of 8 and 9 years we have both milk teeth as well as permanent teeth so we need to take extra care of them as bad milk teeth can create problems for permanent teeth. This day ended with an activity where we all submitted a handmade paper brush with a message. Thank you so much to our primary section, our respected Head Teacher, our dear Shahnaaz teacher and most importantly Dr. Atul Indurkhya for organizing this first of its kind online dentist’s visit.

Aashmann Savardekar IIIB


I learnt many things in today’s activity of Keep Smiling day.

The dentist’s message is very useful to us to protect our teeth lifelong.

We should brush our teeth twice a day and also brush after eating chocolates or junk food. If there is any problem with our teeth we need to take doctor’s advice immediately. If we follow the doctor’s advice, our teeth will be protected from damage.

Mclane Louis III D


We can keep our teeth clean by brushing, flossing, rinsing, eating healthy food and avoid eating sweets.

We must brush out teeth twice a day in the morning and at night.                         We must change our tooth brush after 3 months.

Nathan Michael Fernandes III D


Today we had a session on “Keep Smiling Day”.

Teacher showed us a video in which there was a caption – ‘Brushing keeps our teeth clean’. Teacher told us to make a toothbrush with ice-cream stick and paper. A dentist, Dr. Atul Indurkhya joined our class and told us the importance of brushing our teeth. I enjoyed the session very much.

Malhar Gargote III D


Hello everyone,

Today, on 9th November, we had Keep Smiling Day in our online class. A dentist visited us in our online class. He told us the importance of keeping our teeth clean, not to eat junk food or sweets.

Our teacher also showed us a nice video about keeping our teeth clean. We also did an interesting activity, we made a brush with an ice-cream stick and paper. The brush looked very cute. We must brush our teeth twice daily. Clean teeth helps to give a beautiful smile. 😀Thank you teacher for this keep smiling day.

Aakash Chaskar III D



I learnt about the importance of brushing my teeth on ‘Keep Smiling Day’. Brushing one’s teeth twice a day is very important to ensure our teeth stay healthy, white and shiny. I think white teeth helps us smile wider and spread joy to others. A new thing I learnt today was flossing. I have not done flossing so far but I realise it is also very important now. I will ask my mom to help me with it once a week as told. This was a very informative session as always. Thank you. — Kiaan Shetye III D


Today we celebrated ‘Keep Smiling Day’ in our online class. Teacher told us smile is very important in our life. I learnt how to take care of teeth by brushing them twice a day. Teeth helps us to eat and chew properly. So it is very important to take care of our teeth. We enjoyed

the ‘Keep Smiling Day’.

Vihaan Tawde III D


Hey friends! Today we celebrated Keep Smiling Day😊. We watched videos on how to care of our teeth. We also had a dentist who visited us online and gave us valuable information about how important it is to take care of our teeth at the early stage of life itself. He gave us few instructions to care of our teeth. They are as follows:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day.
  2. Floss your teeth everyday
  3. Eat healthy foods.
  4. Visiting a dentist regularly.

Healthy teeth + happy teeth =beautiful smile😊

We also did a nice activity of making a toothbrush. I enjoyed today’s session, and promise to take care of my teeth as instructed.

Stay healthy and Keep Smiling 😊.

Lathaniel Gomes 3D


Today we celebrated ‘Keep smiling Day’ and I learnt many important tips for a beautiful smile. My class teacher, Ms. Alareen, showed us a very informative video where I learnt the correct way of brushing and flossing my teeth. A dentist visited us and advised us on dental hygiene. I learnt that I must eat more fibrous fruits and vegetables and limit the intake of chocolates and sweets. Besides this I must change my toothbrush every 3months and visit a dentist once in 6months.

We were shown how to make a toothbrush out of coloured paper and I enjoyed making it.

Zach Dmello III D


Today, I have learnt that we should brush our teeth daily so that they remain strong and clean. If we do not do so, we might get cavities. Hence, we should brush our teeth twice a day for keeping them clean and germ free. We must not consume too much of sweets and instead eat healthy food. We must also visit a dentist in case we have a toothache. Thank you.

Ritesh Dash III D


In today’s session, we observed Keep Smiling Day. The dentist who came to our class told us how to care of our teeth. When we smile, our teeth can be seen. It is important to keep our teeth strong and healthy. We must brush our teeth three times a day. Smile is the best medicine of our life. Thank you teacher and the dentist for this useful information.

Neel Dicholkar III D


In today’s online class we observed Keep Smiling Day. We started our class with a beautiful smile 😁 and all excitement as we were going to make a toothbrush in the craft activity. There was a good and friendly Dentist to explain us lots of important things. The video shown helped us learn new things which is of use to us in our day to day lives. They showed us slides of the right method of brushing, flossing, putting toothpaste correctly and required amount of toothpaste needed on the brush for daily brushing of our teeth. They told us to brush thrice a day, clean the tongue daily, importance of rinsing mouth regularly, drink more water, use mouthwash, avoid sweets and snacks, have a healthy diet, have more of calcium n vitamins in our diet.  I learnt that I should also brush my teeth after I have milk and after I have chocolates and cakes. We were advised to have snacks like biscuits, wafers, chocolates, cakes etc. once a week only.  We must visit our Dentist every six months to rule out our tooth decay, cavity problems and for a routine and better oral hygiene. We can have gum problems if we use a toothpick so we should learn to floss in between the teeth regularly so that food particles don’t get stuck in between. We must use good fluoride toothpaste which is healthy for our teeth. If we neglect good oral hygiene we can have a tooth decay and bad breath also. The dentist also explained to us that we should not suck the thumb and about milk teeth and permanent teeth. 🦷 Healthy teeth helps us to smile better and also in good speech. I made a beautiful red toothbrush and have written tips for healthy teeth and will show it to my parents and grandparents at home.

Zeeshan Sayed III D


On 9th November 2020, Don Bosco High School celebrated “Keep Smiling Day”. The session was to create awareness about how to maintain a healthy mouth and strong teeth.

Our class teacher Miss Nerissa explained us that our teeth have an important role to play in our lives. They help us chew and digest food, they help us to talk and speak clearly. Our teacher also showed us a song related to how we need to brush our teeth, followed by a video in which we got detailed information about how to brush our teeth properly and keep it strong and healthy.

The most surprising part of the event was that we had Dr. Atul Indurkhya with us in the online session and he shared with us his presentation related to how we should take proper care of our teeth and how junk food affects our teeth. He shared with us about the things we should use to take care of our teeth like proper toothbrush, paste, dental floss, mouth wash and we should brush correctly and never use toothpicks.

We also got to know that regular exercise and healthy food is most important for maintaining healthy mouth. I also learnt that we should brush our teeth after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with this we also need to go for regular dental check-ups so that we can avoid dental problems in future. And finally he ended his presentation with a slide which said Keep Smiling!

The event was followed with a creative activity, where we all made a tooth brush using paper and ice cream stick and clicked our pictures posing with our tooth brush which was fun.

The overall event was not only interesting and new for us but also had a motive behind it that we should take proper care of our teeth.And one thing I learnt from the session was “Healthy mouth and strong teeth with a smile raises your face value”Special thanks to Head teacher Ms Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa, our computer teacher Ms Anita and Dr. Atul Indurkhya for making this session informative and effective.

Rithvik Shenoy  III C


We celebrated ‘Keep Smiling Day’ on 9th November. Smiling face looks beautiful because of shining teeth. We made a paper toothbrush as taught by our teacher. Teacher showed us a video on how to brush our teeth. It was a great experience that doctor gave us information online how to take care of our teeth. Thank you teacher and head teacher for arranging such creative activity.

Advait Gawde  III C


I am Rishon Jayakumar from class 3 C and I want to express my views on today’s activity – ‘Keep Smiling Day’. I understood that we should brush our teeth thrice a day and take good care of our teeth. We should avoid eating sweets and junk food to keep our teeth safe from cavities. We should visit the dentist once a month. We had a doctor who visited us in our virtual classroom and he explained us how to maintain good oral health. It was a helpful and informative session. Thanks to our teachers and the school management for this wonderful session.

Rishon Jayakumar   III C




Today we had “Keep Smiling Day” in our school. It was a very informative session in which I learnt many good things. Teacher Nerissa spoke about Dental care. Dr. Atul who is a dentist visited us and taught us how to take care of our teeth. I will always remember to brush my teeth after meals. Thank you teacher and head teacher for conducting this activity.

William Dias  III C


Today, we celebrated Keep Smiling Day and got a lot of knowledge on how to take care of our teeth. We are thankful to our school that they invited Dr. Atul who is a dentist and gave us proper information and instructions about how to take care of our teeth. We also enjoyed the activity of making a tooth brush.

Mitansh Mehta III C


The activity was really fun. I learned how to make toothbrush from paper. I also learned why teeth are very important. We have to take good care of our teeth and we need to brush our teeth 2 times a day.

Goumuon Haokip  III C


We celebrated Keep Smiling Day in our online class today. Dr. Atul Indurkhya visited our class and explained us the importance oral hygiene. We have to take a good care of our milk teeth and permanent teeth. I enjoyed today’s session.

Ivan Chadha III A


Keep Smiling Day helped us to understand the importance and need of brushing our teeth twice a day. We also made a paper tooth brush. I really had fun.

Mayank Bhise III A


I learnt the following points through  Keep Smiling Day session:

  1. We must brush thrice a day.
  2. We must eat healthy food to maintain good oral health.
  3. We must eat junk food only once a week.
  4. We must visit the dentist regularly.

Troy Braganza III A

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