By Dean Mascarenhas – 8 D

The student council along with the working committee of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, attended a two day leadership camp on 18th and 19th July 2018 at Don Bosco Lonavala, animated by Rev.Fr.Valerian Pereira and Rev. Fr. Velasli Bandya.

The young leaders actively took part in the sessions and activities organised by the Animators. The sessions drew our attention to the values of team-spirit…. putting the interests of the team ahead of self interest, having an encouraging attitude at all times, having an alert mind that is constantly aware of the happenings around us. We were excited to participate in a trek to the nearby Tungarli dam and appreciate the wonders of nature and experience the clouds. This activity taught us the value of staying with the group and not straying away. Another session honed our leadership skills by exposing us to leadership styles and and helping us decide which style would make us an effective leader. It also taught us the language that good leaders use. Personally, for me, i found the movie- The greatest showman, to be of great value as it taught me that a good leader accepts all the members of his team even though they may not possess all the qualities needed for the task and to persevere and never give up. The oft quoted statement of Don Bosco: “Avoid bad companions as they are poisonous snakes”, is my motto.

The excellent boarding and lodging facilities, the presence of our teachers to guide us, enhanced the experience.

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