Learning to tell the Time -Std. III B

Before the lesson on Time began in class our teacher Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas had told us to make a hand-made clock from cardboard or to bring a toy clock to school. Teacher showed us videos on Time and taught us the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. She made us move the hands of the clock that we had prepared and only when we were confident we started drawing clocks in our notebooks and showing the time. I enjoyed this way  learning about time.



Before we could learn Measurement of Time teacher told us to make clocks. We brought our clocks to school. Our teacher told us that we use the five times tables to read the minutes. We learnt about hours, minutes and seconds. We drew clocks and learnt that time is precious. Once lost time never comes back.

-David D`souza


Teacher taught us to move the hands of the clock on our hand -made clocks. She taught us about the long and short hand, the face of the clock and kinds of clocks. We learnt to tell the time in a fun way.

-Aric Arulselvan


Teacher had asked us to bring hand-made clocks to school. My parents made the clock with movable hands for me. Using the five times tables we learnt to tell the time. I enjoyed this lesson. I learnt about the hour hand, minute hand and seconds hand.

-Peter Arockiaselvam



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