-Karthik Raamakrishna

 “A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.” ~ Henry Adams

I  wish  to express  how  much  I  enjoyed  being in your  class  this  year.  I cannot  of  think of  a  teacher  who could  have  made  this  year  more  special  than you  did.

You’re  truly  are  a standout  teacher  for  the sheer  dedication  to your  students,  making  each  of  us  feel so   special.    You  made  sure  even  the  weakest  of  the  students  was  not  left  out  and  could  grasp  what  is  being   taught.  I  especially  loved  the  way  you  related  the  lessons  to  real-life  situations  that would  allow  the   material  to  make  more logical  sense  to the students.  It  made  so  much  easier  to  remember   and  recall these  at  a  later  time.

Beyond  academics  the  care you  took  about  the  happiness  and success  of  your  students  makes  you  a  very  special  teacher.  The  encouragement  you give makes  any  formidable task that  much  simpler that  I am  able  to complete these  successfully.  Your  efforts  to kindle  the  creative  instincts and  hidden  talents   in the  students is  truly  laudable.  That helps us to bloom as a full person.   You are the best because you brought out the best in us.  Your  inspirational  words  are  like  beautiful  footprints that have  been  etched  in  my  mind  and  hearts forever. Thank you for a great academic year.  I  hope  I  will  be  fortunate  to  have  you  in  the  next  academic  year  as  well.


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