The sea/ocean is so humongous,

The waves are so gigantus.

The water beneath is cold and dark,

It’s a perfect place to find a shark.

The life beneath is full of wonders,

There is not a chance for making any blunders.

But we humans are so keen,

We pollute it and act very mean.

What harm have these little creatures done,

that we pollute their home just for fun.

Why can’t we show them love,

Just as the sign of peace is symbolized by the dove.

We have been loved from when we are small,

we cried a lot when we would fall.

Our parents would make us remember of underwater fishes,

But now as we grow old we put them in various kind of dishes.

Let’s spend our money to save their home,

Not on cheap mattresses of memory foam.

Let’s do our best to protect their life,

Just as a man does his best to protect his child and wife.

By-Jayden Machado

Std- VIII D Roll No. 21

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