-Dhruv Ram Mohan IX D

Did you ever think a small virus like corona could cause such a crisis? Staggering to the imagination, right? I was worried, but then adequate knowledge of the virus and preventive measures, made me realize that social distancing and proper hygiene is the only way to prevent it.  I have become more conscious of hygiene and health. I have been eating nutritious food and also looking after my immunity.

When I first heard about the lockdown, I was not affected, since it did not directly impact me. My mother panicked and got worried about grocery stocks and that made me realize the impact it would have

Most of the inmates of our society are above the age of 60 and their children are abroad. For their house work, they are dependent on domestic help. Now they have to fend for themselves. I worry about them going out, so whenever possible I get medicines and food items for them.

In the initial stages of the 21-day lockdown the ninth grade students were more worried about their exams than the ongoing pandemic. Any conversation with my friends   would revolve round examinations, something that was unclear and unnerving. Now that is laid to rest . We being children, like going outdoors, playing sports and   hanging out with friends. This is what we miss due to the current state of the outbreak.

My father is used to his daily dose of The Times of India, and he felt restless, unable to read news. I introduced him to the electronic edition of The Times of India and also got him hooked on to the Flipboard app. We both subscribe to e-newspapers. In hindsight, it’s not a bad idea and we also contribute towards saving paper, thus saving trees.

I started my blog and it is titled “Me, Life, Etc”. and posted my first article on the COVID  19 pandemic.  I also wrote briefly on hobbies. I experimented with my cooking skills too. My parents relished the Gulabjamuns and PooriBhaji.

I along with my parents participated in cheering the frontline health care workers . It was a different feeling.  There was a positive vibe as we expressed our solidarity towards them.



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