Love the Animals Day

Animals are our best friends!

We have learnt today a lot more about animals. The videos played were simple and informative. I enjoyed doing the animal paper bag activity. Thank you teacher.
Arnav Bakshi 4A

Today’s ‘Love the Animals Day’ celebration created awareness among the boys. Making of the animal paper bag was amazing. I got a lot of information on how animals protect themselves.
Haumalsawm Kuptong 4A

Today we celebrated yet another interesting day ‘Love Thy Animals Day’ on a virtual platform. The session was very interesting. I got an opportunity to learn many facts on how different animals protect themselves. I even learnt how to make a paper bag with animal faces and with the things that are easily available at home. I enjoyed every bit of the session and got to learn a lot. Thanks to our teachers who took the trouble to teach and show us these interesting facts on animals.
Yaksh Karkera 4 C

It was very interesting class where we discussed about various animals around us. Each one of us shared our experiences. I shared my experience of watching a squirrel playing on the roof of my house. In the next half of the online class, our teacher screened the video of how various animals protect themselves. Each animal had a different way of protecting itself from danger and enemies. We enjoyed making animal paper bag. It was a thrilling class which engaged each one of us. Thank you teacher for such a wonderful class.
Harry Louie Jos

Today in Love Thy Animals day session we learnt how different animals can protect themselves from the enemies. The teacher made us aware of the different organization that takes care of these animals. We enjoyed making paper bags with different animals’ face. It was totally a wonderful experience. We are very fortunate to be in this school which provides us the best. Thanks to our teachers for all that they do to teach us.
Atharva Matkar. IV C

Today we celebrated Love the Animals Day and our teacher taught us about different animals during our online class. I was very happy as teacher announced that we could show our peers the pet we have in our homes. Everyone was happy to see my pet cat. The name of my pet cat is Mizu and she is extremely lovable. A few of my classmates have pets like cats, dogs, turtles and birds. We had a lot of fun and also teacher asked us to take a picture with our pets. We made a paper animal bag as an activity. I was so excited that I started making my paper bag as soon as my online class was over. We also solved a worksheet with an animal word search. It was a nice day. Today I’m going to be a good boy, play with my cat and give her delicious cat food. We all need to remember to love and be kind to all animals.
Sayhan Khan IV D

Teacher showed us wonderful videos and how animals protect themselves from their enemies. I learnt a lot of things which I was not even aware of. I was happy to see the pets owned by my classmates. I enjoyed doing the activity too. We made a paper animal bag.
Royden Koli IV D

Only because we had an online session this year, we all enjoyed this activity thoroughly. As our Teacher Ms.Kashmira had asked my classmates to get their pets to the session. To learn and understand animals and their characteristics and some unusual facts was so much fun with so many beautiful pet animals around. I also enjoyed reading the unusual facts about animals, birds mentioned in the worksheet. I wished there were some more. I was totally engrossed reading the same. The end of this wonderful experience did leave me with a feeling that soon I will surely be getting a pet home to take care of.
Rushaan Marolikar IV D

Today we learnt a lot about different animals. Teacher explained us about their eating habits, how we can take care of our pets and their natural habitat. Our pets too had a chance to attend the online session along with us which made me feel very happy. Teacher clicked a few photographs and sent it on the class group. I have many love birds of various colours, they love to eat fruits, vegetables, they love to play with me and I love them very much.
Abid Khan IV D

I enjoyed all the online activities conducted for the day. Our class teacher presented a beautiful video which helped me learn how animals protect themselves from danger. The session was very informative and I was all excited to make the paper animal bag. I want to say a big thank-you to my teacher for making eachand every online session more and more interesting.
Jacob Singh IV D

Animals are wonderful beings. They are beautiful and their presence brings wonders in our lives. I learnt that it is important to care for them. I love animals very much and I hope to have a pet soon.
Ishaan Aiyer IV D


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