Love the Animals Day
Live in harmony with animals…Help to build a nicer and kinder world…Save animals from extinction
Animals are an important part of our lives. We should always be kind to them. We should not beat them. We should feed our pet and domestic animals well. We should try to save our animals from becoming extinct.
Nayam Jain 3B

By being kind to animals we learn to have a kinder world tomorrow. Animals teach us to love unconditionally. They are good friends. They ask no questions and never criticize. We should love all living creatures as it is the most noble attribute of man. Do not hurt animals because they too are living beings and not toys.
Nuren Shah 3B

Animals can be our true friends. Many pet and domestic animals are our friends. A pet is like a family member in our house. We have to feed our pet animal and treat it like a human being.
Naman Thapar 3B

Today`s session on Love the animals Day was very good. I enjoyed the collage activity. My mother helped me to draw an outline of my favourite animal for this activity. We drew a lion as my favourite animal.
Kiaan Keer 3B

We learnt about different animals on Animals Day which was celebrated on Sept. 28th, 2020. Animals can be very helpful to us humans in different ways and we should take care of them. Cows, buffaloes, goats etc. give us milk while sheep gives us wool to keep us warm. We should also love and take care of pet animals like dogs and cats. Hunting of wild animals should be banned. We must
work towards saving wildlife and our environment.
Kiaan Shetye 3 D

If you pick up an animal and make him happy, the animal won’t bite you and this is the difference between human and animal. This is what I have learnt through ‘Love the Animals Day’. 🐕🐅🐘🦒🐪
Sky Mohite 3D

Poem : A Minor Bird
I have wished a bird would fly away,
And not sing by my house all day;
Have clapped my hands at him from the door,
When it seemed as if I could bear no more.
The fault must partly have been in me.
The bird was not to blame for his key.
And of course, there must be something wrong,
In wanting to silence any song.
Harshal Khawale 3D

Love the Animals
Animals are found on earth and are useful to us. Animals are important as they help in seed transportation. They eat fruit of one tree and throw the seeds at another place and thus, a new plant grows.
Krihan Gundeti 3D

Animals are our best friends.
They are useful to us in many ways, like dog guards our house, cows, buffaloes and goats give us milk, bulls are used for farming, horses and donkeys carry loads and many more.
We should love all the animals around us and never mistreat or hurt them.
Pushkal Chowrasya 3D

My favourite animal is a dog.
A dog is a best friend one can have. They are domestic pet animals. A dog has four legs, two eyes, two ears, sharp teeth and a short tail. A dog is a very faithful animal. It guards our homes. It runs very fast and barks loudly. It eats bones, meat, chicken and rice. It is a very intelligent animal, always remain obedient and faithful to their owners. They sometimes save lives of their owners. They are excellent swimmers. It has a strong sense of smell. They can be used by the police to catch robbers, for hunting purposes and to track and detect bombs. There is no other animal like it.
Zeeshan Sayed 3D

As quoted by Scopenhawer “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man”. We should respect each and every creature created by God. Don’t be a part of cruelty, Go cruelty free. Raise your voices for the voiceless. Show your humanity, be kind to all the animals. The love for all living creatures is the noble attribute of human.
Allen Fernando 3D

Love the animals day was celebrated on 28 September 2020 in our online school session. I made collage of my favourite animal dinosaur. My classmates also made collage of their favourite animals. Our class teacher guided us step by step on how to make a collage. It was fun. I enjoyed the session very much and learned how to love animals as our teacher showed us a video of animals.
Thank you teacher!
Aryan Shadija 3D

I love animals because they are very cute and funny. Animals have feelings too. We get to learn so much from animals. Domestic animals help us lot. We should give them lot of love and take good care.
Ferdinand Kezhake 3D

On Monday 28th September there was an activity held on Love the Animals Day. I was very excited because teacher told us to draw our favourite animal and I had made my favourite animal lion. We did a craft activity of collage work with that drawing. It was great fun. Teacher showed us a video on animals.I learnt that we should take care of animals give them some food, water. It was a very nice activity day. Thank you teacher for this activity day I had fun.
Aakash Chaskar 3D

We had our “Love the Animals Day” on 28th September, 2020.We learned that, “All Animals just want to be loved”. Teacher told us to be kind to the animals and never tease or hurt them. To always take care and love the animals. We should not hunt animals but save them and save the wild life. We made a collage of our favorite animal and did an online activity of matching the parts of the body of the animals and birds. Teacher showed us a beautiful video with messages of loving and caring the animals. We all enjoyed the activity very much and learned that if we all try we can make a difference.
Malhar Gargote 3D

On 28 September 2020, Don Bosco High School celebrated “Love the Animals Day”. The day was very well organised by our teachers and Head teacher.
Our class teacher Miss Nerissa explained us about the importance of animals and how each one of us should treat them.
We also learnt that we should never tease or harm any animals. Animals should be treated with kindness and love. They can act as great companions in our life.
We learnt how to do collage work, we made an animal collage of our favourite animal.The overall activity was fun, interactive and informative.
Thank you teachers and Head teacher for organizing this activity for us.
Rithvik Shenoy 3 C

We all need to keep pets in our houses. We should treat them like our family members. Hanging out with our pets makes us feel more relaxed and playful.
Many pets are teachable, loyal, intelligent, understanding and friendly.
We never keep our pets alone in our houses as they feel very sad and lonely.
Nathen Worlikar 3 C

Today we celebrated Love the Animals Day. Teacher told us to draw a picture of our favourite animal. We pledged to save animals. Teacher showed us videos from which we learnt how to treat the animals with love and take care of animals without harming them. We enjoyed a lot. We thank you Head teacher and teachers for arranging such learning and interesting activities.
Advait Gawde 3 C

I have learned from today’s class is to be kind to animals. Animals just want them to be loved. We should not tease the animals. We should stop being cruel to animals. I have also learnt to take good care of animals. They are our best friends. We should save the wild life. Thank you teacher for organizing such activity.
Paris More 3 C

Today we celebrated love the animals day. I enjoyed a lot because I love animals and we learned about domestic animals, wild animals and pet animals. We need to take care of the domestic animals and pet animals, it is very helpful to us and we should not be rude to animals. We should be kind to the animals, it cannot talk but it understands well . Poaching wild animals is also very bad we should protect them. Thank you for celebrating this day.
Shreedhar Nadar 3 C

Today we celebrated love the animals day, I really enjoyed the activity. It was so fun because I love animals. The collage activity done has enhanced my craft skills. After drawing the outline I realized how cats and tiger are very much alike. This activity involved drawing, paper cutting, painting etc. which is a great experience for me. Thank you miss.
Lhungoumoun Haokip 3C

I enjoyed love the animals day because I could easily express my love for my favourite animal through the collage work done in the online class. Today I learnt how animals are helpful in our life through the videos shown by our teacher. We should love them and not harm them unless they harm us. We should give them food to eat and take good care of them. Animals are very unique and special in our lives.
Adyan Patel 3 A

On 28th September,2020 we celebrated ‘Love the Animals Day’. It was a day of realisation. Through the videos and the PPT shown I learnt that saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.
Ryan Jonathan 3 A

My favourite animal is a lion. Lions are considered as the king of the jungle. They are very powerful and hunt well. They eat the flesh of the other animals. I feel amazed by the size of the lion. They are massive. So I made a collage work of my favourite animal lion on this special day.
Jain Dikshil 3 A




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