-Master Arnav Sawant- Std VIII

(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

 Presenting a MAGIC PEN that draws electric circuits on paper! The AgIC circuit marker uses an ink that contains silver conductive Nano-particles. By drawing on a special paper anyone can easily create electrical circuits. The company behind this product AgIC is a venture spin-off at the University of Tokyo. A special ‘Eraser Pen’ allows connections to be cut and rearranged. This makes it much easier to play around with circuits that can be done with wires or semiconductors. The paper drawn circuits can be bent and folded!

If two circuits are drawn, one with thin lines and another with thick lines, the bulb in the circuit of thick lines glows brighter. The wider the line, the more the current flows through it. Thick line=Low resistance Thin line=High resistance. What will happen if a zigzag line is introduced to the circuit? The brightness doesn’t change because electricity flows through the shortest path. The zigzag line has higher resistance and therefore the current does not use it. If the shorter circuit is cut, the light becomes dull because the longer path offers more resistance.

These pens are already being used for art events and in new advertising methods.


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