-Master Amey Bauchkar 6C

Every year, February 27th is celebrated as Marathi Language Day in the states of Maharashtra and Goa in India. It is also known as ‘Marathi Bhasha Diwas’ and ‘Marathi Bhasha Din’ in Marathi and Hindi respectively. This day is regulated by the State Government and is also celebrated in some regions of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Marathi language Day is celebrated on the birthday of the eminent Marathi Poet Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar alias Kusumagraj.

On 27th February, on ‘Marathi Diwas’ the entrance of our school was beautifully decorated and boys sported traditional costumes depicting important and famous Marathi personalities and culture, as they welcomed everyone. During the assembly, over the intercom, the presentation began with an Introduction by Rev. Fr. Roy Noronha, our Vice Principal and our Marathi Teacher Mrs. Reshma. This was followed by a talk by Sir Sham Pawar on the importance of the day. Poems of Kusumagraj were read by students and they also sang his songs. The boys participated by preparing charts on poems, phrases, their meanings and sentences about the life Kusumagraj. There was a hand writing competition for standard 7th.

The Marathi Day celebrations continued throughout the day that made each of us feel proud to be a part of this beautiful culture. So ended a wonderful day!


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