-Contributed by Master Owais Mishra 7C

 Man has progressed from the Stone Age to the Modern Technological Age over a period of time. From the local “Fishing Nets”, we have escalated to the “Internet Era”. When the computers were first introduced in our country, there was a heavy protest from the local population as they feared that computers would make many people jobless. Today, everybody has a mobile phone with him-be it is the master or the servant. Youngsters are very much close to their cellphones that they do not know what is happening around them; sometimes it causes accidents or even lead to death.

Our bank accounts have been simplified by net banking. Banks have now done away with big ledgers which were not only very difficult to handle but were occupying a lot of space. Now, all the data are fed in the computer. The banker can get the information of the client by just a click on the computer. We can now get money a cross the bank counter in no time. No long queues and no waste of precious time.

Previously, it took us very long to reach even our office. Now with fast trains and other means of transport, we can reach our place of work well before time. In no time we shall be having bullet trains too. We can reach any part of the world by air in a couple of hours. The world has now become a small place. Even the train and air tickets can now be booked sitting at home.

We can now send messages through Internet and Whats App in a second. Every message is now flashed on social media and it becomes viral. In no time, the message spreads like fire. Sitting at home or in the office or  when we are travelling. We come to know what is going around the world throughout the day.

Whatever progress science may make, one has to admit that we are leading in a very fast life thus neglecting our health and family relations. Today we have no time for others. Life has become complicated. We have got used to modern gadgets and technology and people are not looking and not bother of their own future. We have to progress and march ahead with modern science because we have to now reach the moon.

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