-Master Gabriel Barros 7B

We make many mistakes in our life, yet we do not have enough courage to say sorry .We all do bad things that affect us and people around us. Many a times we have hurt people, we never say sorry and we continue to hurt others. Our bad habits always seem to gain attention. This leads to a bad reputation in society.  In today’s generation people hardly use the words ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Welcome’.

People come to know a lot about others by their behavior. If a boy misbehaves in class, the teachers brand him a bad boy. We have our addictions. Children are more addicted to playing video games and watching TV. My message is make yourself a complete man who is well mannered, balanced, respectful and one who can use his weak qualities to do good to others.  For example, some people cannot control their temper; however they can use it for the right purpose… to fight and stand for the rights of those who are meek and voiceless against the powerful who misuse their power.


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